How to Arrange Your Simple Business Planning

This articles show us the example of a simple business planning. I will explain in the essays form, you can create the forms based on your creativities. First, we just define the company. Let’s we take some name. I prefer to give T-Snack as the name. It is means Tutorialan snack. T-Snack produce commodity such as Food, Snack, and Beverages. The first step to build your business is define the main product as your brand product. Let’s take green stick as our main product for the first step.  We plan the first asset value of the company about IDR 540.000.000,00. Define the Business Development Prospects. For the example, we look forward to growing our business well and add variation in the product. We will expanding the sales area for the Business Development Plan. You have to define your business vision. Example of the Business Vision is like, “Be a competitive product in qualityand quantity in the global market and create an inovative concept.” Then, you can breakdown tour vision to be some company mission.

Example of the business mission:

  1. To open market opportunity.

Even though many competitors are range in the same business, but we work around with the different innovation of the products that already exist. That with better taste of the innovation, affordable price, and highly nutritious. We believe that Green Stick is able to compete in the market.

  1. To provide the best service to consumers.

Service is one of important aspects in increasing the quality of the business. We must be better doing the excellent service to consumers.

  1. To make Green Stick as the favorite snack.

We will always increase the quality of our product that Green Stick can be favorite snack for many people.


In the globalization era, we know that home industry is increasing, especially local products. Crisply has been popular food of Indonesian society. The popularity of Crisply is unlimited because not only it is taste is good but also it is easy to make and very yummy. Stick has different from appearance than  crisply. Crisply is usually consumed by many people, both children and adult. One variant of Crisply is stick. Everyone knows and likes stick, one kind of cheap and delicious food which is sold everywhere. It is good prospect if make stick “Go International”.

Don’t forget to Analyze our product idea

We have to define and doing many research about the advantage from our product. The advantage is that our products have a distinctive taste compared to other products. We also can do the critical thinking about the idea. Our idea appears from many enthusiasts snack and many order on the online platform that we watch from the other companies. Define your differentiation. It is important to winning the market competition. You can define that yout differentiation is that you provide additional materials in your products. The materials added will make the snack more healthy than the product from the other companies. And we must think the growth potential and risks. Let’s say that if not sold out, the green stick snack durable for 3 weeks. After that, we have to doing some treatment.

Marketing analysis

This is the example of marketing analysis. Development event marketing shows us that we do not just sell these products tomarket on  campus but also on the traditional market, mall, etc. Our target market is the entire communities, you can define your SES A, B, or C, D. Next, define our positioning, for the example we will sell this product in campus as main market. And we take pricing strategy that the price we charge based on cost of production of the product plus subcharge or willing profit. Talking about market share, define that we are convinced of the superiority of our products compared to other products. Don’t forget to take some awareness to our competitor. We must doing competitor analysis. You can try to analyze a vendor selling products on the inside and outside campus. Create some trends. You can developed of market trend that many people want to try this product. It is like “Maicih” that create some trends in trying the hot level of cassava chips.

Doing more analysis methods

Many analysis methods that we can use to analyze our business or our main product. For example we can use SWOT analysis or with Marketing Mix (4P Concept). SWOT analysis is important before we do the business activities, we must pay attention to the problems and threats which can disturb our business activities in the future. With this analysis methods we can find the opportunity that is profitable to run our business. Therefore, we must make business plan by using SWOT analysis. They are Strength, Opportunity, Weakness, and Threat. By SWOT analysis, we can find the strength, weakness, opportunity, and threat of the business that can increase our product bargaining value. We also can use the marketing mix. I suggest that you must combine the SWOT with the marketing mix. Why marketing mix? In marketing, there are four basic elements of marketing activities. They are called 4P. Product, price, place, and promotion. To provide customer’s satisfaction, the 4P Concept is necessary to be set up well by concerning what customers need and want.

Operational Activities

Think the operational work that you use in your company. It is means that we define many job position and job descriptions. You also think the organizational structure to make your command as easy as you can. In this operational activities you also define your cost analysis. Make some reliable cost structure in detail.

For the conclusion we can make some point. Example: Our Stick is one of  traditional Snack in Indonesia. Our product is different from the other snack because the Stick has different appearance and it is very crispy. It can be consumed by all people. Based on the explanation, we can conclude that this business has good prospect to be developed and we sure that we will success to promote local product and increase profit from society’s income within 3 months.

Novian Pambudi

My full-time job as a full-stack digital marketer at Visionic Indonesia. I create digital strategy plans, serve digital marketing consultants to clients, and do website development support.

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